The Players Page.

Here you can find heaps of useful tips for how to play cricket, how to train and prepare for you cricketing matches and seasons. Ranging from the very basic advice for young and up and coming Milo In2 Cricketers, up to more advanced older age group training drills and skills.

Batting – Basics

***The Batting Stance***How to Grip the Bat***Balance at the Crease***The Forward Defensive***The Straight Drive***The Leg Glance***The Sweep Shot***The Pull Shot***Back Foot Defensive***The Square Cut***The Hook Shot***

Bowling – Basics

***Ball Grip – Fast Bowling***Ball Grip – Outswing***Ball Grip – Inswing***Ball Grip – Off Spin***Ball Grip – Leg Spin***The Run Up***

Fielding – Basics

***Field Positions***Throwing & Catching***How to Throw***Use Tennis Balls to improve Catching***

Batting – Advanced

***Maximise Agility Drill***Backfoot Positioning Drill***Feet to the Ball Drill***Top Hand Drills***Bottom Hand Drills***Increase Power in your Drives***Improve Control***Backfoot Forcing Shot & Drills***Ricky Ponting Batting Tips***

Bowling – Advanced

***Pace Technique***Fast Bowling Acceleration***Fast Bowling Alignment***Bowling Tips***Line & Length***Bowling Drills No.2***