Junior / Master Blast Info

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Woolworths Junior / Master Blasters T20 is a fantastic way for kids of ages 5-8 to learn the fun and skills of cricket.

Junior / Master Blast is an introduction to cricket where kids (boys & girls) will be taught the basics of catching, bowling and batting in a safe environment. All the gear is soft and or plastic, and all drill and games are conducted in a fun and safe space of the wonderful main oval at Wynnum Manly D.C.C.

We have  experienced coaches  helping out. Though as great as they are, the best coaches at this age are the parents who come out to help and guide and become involved and guide the kids through the program. We have found the best results are achieved when the family get involved.

We welcome and encourage all parents to be on the field with their kids, learning the skills together and generally having some fun.

This season 2021/22 times will be generally as follows

When: Friday Evenings
Where: Wynnum Manly Junior District Cricket Club

Rego: https://play.cricket.com.au/club/wynnum-manly-district-cricket-club-junior-division/98e5d8a7-86d8-eb11-a7ad-2818780da0cc?fbclid=IwAR14uWNLRCgfvjohYoRc42uIzuLQqNDR0y7JiW0EtTzwFrJPdfBS9prBtSk