Our Values


Wynnum Manly Junior Cricket Club is focused on promoting junior cricket and encouraging young people to take up the game at an early age.  We are committed in building young people’s self esteem through skill and techinical development which enables them to grow within the community. Our hope is they learn and enjoy the game through competitive cricket, played in the true spirit of the game


“Cricketers should be people who do not boast; nor quit; nor make excuses when they fail.
They should be cheerful losers, and quiet winners. They should play fairly and as well as they can.
They should enjoy the pleasure of risk.
They should give their opponents the benefit of the doubt and value the game itself more highly
than the result”.
“It was Sir Donald Bradman who suggested that “it is the  responsibility of all those that play the game (the custodians) to leave the  game in a better state than when they first became involved.” Therefore our  vision is to develop and promote the ideals of responsibility, hard work,  sportsmanship, teamwork and fellowship within a safe and positive environment.  The individual growth of our custodians is enhanced through the spirit of  competition, discipline and fair play.