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Cricket Australia Coaching App


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RECORD | COMPARE | IMPROVE your Cricket skills CACricCoachHD is a new generation performance development tool – a powerful video coaching app enabling cricket coaches to provide beginner to elite players with immediate visual feedback in super slow motion during training sessions and competition. RECORD – Coaches, assistants, teachers or parents can record video and then provide players with technique analysis by replaying their batting, bowling, throwing and fielding action in real time, slow motion and frame by frame. COMPARE – Performance improves when we are able to observe and compare. Players observe the finer points of their cricket technique then compare with the technique demonstrated in other video clips using the side by side and overlay video display features. IMPROVE – Being able to observe a technical issue which becomes clear once a player’s own clip is played alongside a reference clip or being able to observe the ‘before and after’ clips for a player who is applying a change their coach has recommended provides the visual evidence and motivation needed for sustainable change and improvement. The apps’ integrated file sharing capability means that large numbers of video clips can be managed by shifting them to and from a computer and the iPad. MAJOR FEATURES SUMMARY 

  • 40 cricket reference video clips for comparison covering batting, bowling, wicket keeping and fielding
  • records user clips with selectable video quality
  • renames, trims, splits, emails and deletes user clips
  • enables replay, coloured annotation, measurement of angles and analysis of all clips
  • displays two clips side by side or overlaid for comparison (unsynchronized and synchronized)
  • generates a readily emailable recording of any two synchronized video clips
  • includes a speedometer for measuring the delivery speed
  • enables setting adjustments
  • provides usage information including tips in cricket coaching settings
  • supports iTunes file sharing for copying clips in or out of the application
  • full support for all screens in landscape and portrait mode

CACricCoachHD is designed for the coach, teacher, parent and player to assist in technique development.

MyCricket App

MyCricket App LINK TO FURTHER INFORMATION MyCricket Mobile Apps The MyCricket App will be free this season and will include both the current public and admin app functions, available on both iPhone and Android. New features will include:

  • Club app – customise the MyCricket app with your club colours, logo, news, events and social media. Facebook & Twitter sharing of scorecards and stats
  • Favourite Lists (Players, Clubs & Ladders)
  • Communications – send emails and SMS messages to your club members
  • Enhanced match data entry

MyCricket Admin app


MyCricket Scorer App

MyCricket Scorer is now available on iPad, iPhone & Android Tablets/Phones, the app is designed to help any administrator score matches live and upload scorecards automatically. Friends and supporters can follow matchesLIVE on MyCricket websites and apps.It’s FREE to download, easy to use for experienced or first-time scorers and it also has a DEMO MATCH feature for scorers to practice scoring. FREE DOWNLOAD:iPhone  –  iPad  –  Android Tablet  –  Android Phone
Special Features:
  • Download fixtures, team selections and match information directly from Weet-Bix MyCricket
  • Live scoring from start to end of a match
  • Use the DEMO MATCH feature to practice using the app
  • Publish live scores and scorecards directly to Weet-Bix MyCricket website
  • Capture ball-by-ball data, wagon wheel and pitch match information
  • Links with Club/Association websites
  • User guides included within the app for help & support
If your cricket club or association is currently using Weet-Bix MyCricket for competition management then you will be able to score matches and automatically publish live scores and full scorecards to the Weet-Bix MyCricket website. It’s perfect for all levels of cricket, whether you’re an experienced scorer or a parent helping out for the first time!You will require a MyCricket Administrator login with RESULTS MANAGER access in order to use the app, if you do not have a login please contact your organisation’s Principal User which you can search for viaWeet-Bix MyCricket.
Cricket Australia strongly recommends clubs select their teams via MyCricket Admin prior to a match commencing. This will greatly assist scorers in preparing a match to be scored within the app.
Note – if players haven’t been confirmed for a match, a ‘squad’ of players can be selected against a match (eg. pick 13 players) and once the match has been downloaded onto the MyCricket Scorer app, the final team can be selected

Instructions: 1. Install and then open the app and login using your MyCricket Login ID & Password 2. To trial the MyCricket Scorer app click “Demo Match” and then follow the below instructions from Step 3 onwards 3. To score a live match once logged in select “Download Matches” in the menu, enter your date preferences and download the relevant match 4. Select “Start Match” and choose the match that you have downloaded, select match preferences and make changes to team selections as required 5. When ready hit “START MATCH” and commence scoring via the runs, extras and wicket buttons 6. You can easily undo or edit balls at any time via the undo button on the scoring screen or the edit balls menu item 7. At any point use the “App Settings” menu item to change your Live Scoring, Wagon Wheel & Pitch Map settings. Follow ‘Live Scores’ online: Follow Live Scores online via Weet-Bix MyCricket – when viewing a scorecard select the “Match Statistics…” link to follow ball-by-ball details. If your club has a MyCricket Club Website then you can add a ‘Live Scores’ widget to your site once logged intoWeet-Bix MyCricket

via Site > Site Layout Manager > Edit > Add widget > Live Scores > Save & Publish. *We are currently developing some new Live Scores and Statistics pages for the website as well as a Live Scores section with the MyCricket apps. Important Notes & Recommendations:
  • Android tablet and mobile versions of the app will be released in the coming weeks
  • We recommend trialling and familiarising yourself with the app’s features and functionality before scoring a complete match, this can be done through the use of the “DEMO MODE”
  • Live Scoring is a big step forward from paper based scoring so please work with your Clubs and Associations on how the app will be used across your competitions; our suggestion would be to have one paper scorer and one live scorer at matches
  • Cricket Australia strongly recommends clubs select their teams via MyCricket Admin prior to a match commencing. This will greatly assist scorers in preparing a match to be scored within the app.
Data Usage The following provides approximations for the amount of network data used when scoring and uploading a match.
Task Data used
Admin (login, download a match, select teams etc.) 100kb
Manually sync a match after 20 overs 0.2mb
Manually sync a match after 50 overs 0.5mb
Manually sync a match after 100 overs 1mb
Live scoring for 20 overs (sync every over) 1.2mb
Live scoring for 50 overs (sync every over) 3mb
Live scoring for 100 overs (sync every over) 6mb








Wynnum Manly Team App

Team App



Stay up to date all the time wherever you are, wether your at the game, in the office or stuck in traffic, you can find where wich oval your playing on, who your playing against and keep up to date with news and all events throughout the season. Download the Wynnum Manly Junior District Cricket mobile App for free straight to your Smart phone or Tablet at the App Store or on Android.   Click here for App Store Link Click here for Android Link. Once you have downloaded the Team App for free, just search for Wynnum Manly Junior DCC and install on your phone or tablet and let this season be the most enjoyable yet.

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Cricket Australia Live App




Stay up to date with the Australian teams during the 2014 overseas tours, with Cricket Australia Live: The Official App – brought to you by KFC.

The app is free to download and delivers the latest news, video highlights, scores, fixtures, stats and exclusive behind the scenes content to your phone, tablet and PC.

The Cricket Australia coverage of the South Africa tour will include video highlights, news as it happens and exclusive behind the scenes videos.

Note that subscriptions to Live Streaming has now ended for the 2013/14 season as only matches played in Australia and controlled by Cricket Australia are available via the live streaming. Please check back later in the year to sign up for the 2014/15 season live streaming featuring matches against India and England

Terms and Conditions: Cricket Australia Live: The Official App

Network Connectivity

The Cricket Australia Live App requires network connectivity and location services to function properly. Please note that poor signal quality (dependent on your location and service provider) may slow down or prevent the App from working at optimum speed. If you have concerns regarding the quality of your signal strength, please contact your mobile network service provider directly.

Data usage charges and other costs

You are solely responsible for paying all expenses you may incur when you access or use the App, your internet or data service provider charges and any excess charges to that provider if you have a limit on the amount of data you can download together with all costs of the equipment and software you need to connect to and use the streaming service and any other services included in the App.

The full Terms of Use of Cricket Australia Live: The Official App can be found here:

What’s New in Version 1.0.9

While the teams have been touring overseas, we have been busy making optimizations to the App.

This latest version of the App includes optimizations, and minor bug fixes.

Please note that subscription to Live Streaming has ended for the 2013/14 season, as only matches played in Australia and controlled by Cricket Australia are available via the live streaming.


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T20 Blast App



MILO T20 Blast is the all new, fun and fast-paced modified cricket format that encapsulates the excitement of the KFC T20 Big Bash League for junior cricketers. MILO T20 Blast is promoted and implemented by highly-skilled providers responsible for the organisation, administration, set-up, game fixtures, times and recording of statistics. MILO T20 Blast is the initial step to playing real, competitive cricket by providing every junior cricketer with an inclusive, safe and equal participation opportunity.

The MILO T20 Blast app provides deliverer’s, match managers, volunteers and mums and dads with all the game management information required (format, rules, equipment and field setup) including the unique MILO T20 Blast scoring tool!

8 over and 16 over games can be created and scored with the assistance of an intuitive screen layout and helpful prompts. The outcome of each ball is recorded so that batting and bowling stats are available for each player. During the game, an up-to-date score summary is instantly available and at the completion of the game the results can be instantly distributed via email.


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