Codes of conduct

Safety for all at WMJDCC is our priority

Please refer to the following club policy and code of conduct

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Player & Parents Code of Conduct and Volunteering

I am the parent or legal guardian of a child who I am registering online to play foe Wynnum Manly District Cricket CLub Junior Division. I agree to my child participating in the activities of the Wynnum Manly District Cricket Club (WMDCC), Queensland Cricket (QC), Eastern Districts Junior Cricket Association (EDJCA) and/or Bayside East & Redlands Cricket Association (BEARS).  In consideration of WMDCC, QC, EDJCA and BEARS allowing my child to take part in cricket, I acknowledge, agree and confirm the following:

  1. that there are inherent risks associated with the activities which may result in my child being injured including in a serious manner. I fully accept and agree to bear those risks in my own right and on behalf of my child; and
  2. to the full extent permitted by law, I agree both on behalf of my child and in my own respective rights absolve, indemnify, release and discharge the WMDCC, QC, EDJCA, BEARS and its officers, employees, representatives, and agents (the indemnities) from any and all liability for injury, loss or damage to my child however caused arising out of my child’s participation in the activities including without limitation as a result of acts of negligence by the indemnities. I further acknowledge and agree to comply with WMDCC’s policy, which requires all batsman and wicket keepers to wear helmets, and also groin protectors for batsman, at training and during games.
  3. If I am not a registered and Insured Volunteer at the club I will not enter the designated nets area at the club during formal training sessions or allow any unregistered siblings of my registered child to do the same.
  4. In addition, I hereby agree and consent to:
    1. the provision of the personal information regarding my child as set out in this form to QC, EDJCA and BEARS for use by them as they see fit in the course of their administration of cricket in Queensland; and
    2. Cricket related photographs being taken of my child by WMDCC for use by WMDCC on its website and in its reports, correspondence, promotional material and other publications unless I have indicated otherwise on the online registration form.
  5. I have read, understood, acknowledge and agree to all the matters referred to in this statement, including the warning, release, indemnity and code of conduct behaviour policy.
  6. Follow the Queensland cricket code of conduct as it applies to parents, spectators and helpers and assist my child to follow the Queensland cricket code of conduct and any EDJCA , BEARS or Wynnum Manly District Cricket Club players guideline, edicts or codes as developed and shown on their respective websites.